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Exercise in the Heat

published on 08-25-2010

peopleWhy is Heat Illness of Concern?
In the summer months, heat illness is of significant concern.  Areas that are at high altitude, high humidity and consistent warm temperatures can endanger several groups of individuals at high risk.

Who is at Risk?
The individuals at risk are the obese, the unfit, and the very young and old.  Those unaccustomed to the climate and altitude are at risk as well.

What is Heat Stroke?
It is a condition where the body temperature may exceed 104.9 F, and the person exhibits the following symptom(s): dizziness, weakness, nausea, headaches, confusion, drowsiness, and possible collapse.

What should I do if I suspect heat stroke?
Immediately get the person out of direct sunlight and cooled. This may entail applying ice bags to armpits and groin. Contact EMS as well and the person may be dehydrated and need immediate medical attention.

What is Hyponatremia?
This is a condition associated with fluid overload or drinking too much water. This can be fatal if unrecognized. If you are going to be in the heat exercising, ensure you have some electrolyte solution available.

How do I prevent heat illness?
  1. Perform adequate conditioning in the heat and/or humidity prior to competing outdoors.
  2. Avoid exercise at the hottest part of the day.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing, light colored, loose fitting and breathable items.
  4. Hydrate for 24 hrs prior to an event. Rule of thumb is your urine should be light yellow or clear.
  5. Drink fluids during exercise and if the event goes beyond an hour, drink a dilute glucose and electrolyte solution.
  6. Ensure that event officials have adequate staffing, including medical providers.
  7. Some sports teams have found weighing athletes prior to and after practice and sporting events can indicate significant dehydration.

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