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Helpful insights from Dr. England to help better serve patients

published on 05-05-2007

suppliments_400Alternative Medicine
Of all the dramatic changes I’ve seen over the last 15 years in Alternative Medicine glucosamine tops the list for helping people. It is an over the counter, no prescription necessary supplement taken for joint pain. A patient of mine was going to get a knee replacement because of advanced arthritis 13 years ago, he had been limping for about 5 years. I started him on glucosamine. Two years ago he was walking 10 miles a day off trail multiple days in row hunting. Another patient with whom I ran track with in college stopped exercising because of knee pain. He was a marathon distance runner. He is now running again thanks to consistent use of glucosamine. I’ve read at least 500 articles on glucosamine. It is not a pain medicine but rebuilds and smoothes cartilage. Another supplement that has produced dramatic effects is flax seed, ground fresh. Flax seed has 3 omegas, similar to those in fish oil. It lowers cholesterol, has almost 12 grams of fiber per ¼ cup, and is anticancer. I have most of my diabetic patients on it. It also has shown to greatly decreases arthritic symptoms. We are not selling any supplements but can help you find sources at good prices.

Some patients don’t realize that their family practice physician meets over 90% of dermatology needs, often when you are in the office for another reason. We do most of our own biopsies surgically, take care of rashes, acne and use liquid nitrogen for sun damaged precancerous lesions. We also remove cysts and drain infections. Does the dermatologist want to talk to you about your other needs while taking care of you?

Urgent Care
A quick note about our Urgent Care. During the monumental November snow storm this year when all the roads to Denver were closed, the Fire Department asked if we could help. I came in and with the help of Sharon our certified X-Ray technician, Rebecca our nurse who was about 7 months pregnant and Karen a nurse manning the phones took care of many patients who had no other options. The last 3 patients included a very bad heart attack, only 42 years of age, that we stabilized. Also, a lady who broke her shoulder and a 2 year old girl who was bitten in the face by the largest breed of dog, a Mastiff. I’m board certified in Emergency Medicine and Family Practice and was able to clean and suture her facial lacerations and able to break up some sample antibiotics appropriate for her age. Remember us for your kids, we have all the immunizations for all ages and are very well set up for infections, IV’s on older kids and in house lab, trauma and X-Ray. On a humorous note – After spending all that time helping out in the storm I knew I couldn’t get home so I drove to my mother in laws house and was stuck there for 2 ½ days!

Our doctors are more interested in preventative medicine than most offices so make sure and ask in your next appointment.

To Your Continued Good Health,

Jack D. England, D.O., FACEP, FACOEP, FAAEP

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