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published on 08-05-2009

company_photo_color_400Plum Creek Medical (PCM) has precluded the necessity for Emergency Room visits over the years. PCM has been a Family Practice/ Urgent Care pillar in the community since 1987 and our staff including five Physicians a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician’s Assistant was voted the best Urgent Care in 2007, 2008, 2009 and best Pediatrics in 2008 and 2009 for Douglas County in CCN Newspapers Best of the Best. PCM has had a full time Board Certified Emergency Physician working in Urgent Care and seeing patients since 1991 with two of our Physicians and a Physician Assistant who have extensive emergency room experience. By having a family practice in the same office we add a personal touch not found in most urgent care facilities. Doctor England, a founding member of the American College of Emergency Physicians ran three emergency rooms in the Denver area, it was with this experience and expertise that we strategized our clinic floor plan at 410 S. Wilcox in Castle Rock.

Why is Family Practice and Urgent Care together a good idea? At times a patient who does not seem seriously ill may become serious and require cardiac monitoring, IV fluids and medication, X-Rays, and fairly complicated lab tests all of which can be done in house. The fact that we can do this at a fraction of the cost of an Emergency Room visit was one of the reasons Dr. England could see this was part of the future of medicine. Just a few of the things PCM can do:

Another distinct advantage of having family practice with urgent care is continuity of being able to treat our patients by having their records on site.

In the past year we welcomed pediatrician David Simon M.D. to our staff. In women’s healthcare we have added colposcopies and in our lab we now have a piccolo which offers more immediate complex in house blood tests. PCM has been a teaching facility training medical students, residents, physician assistants and nurse practitioners for many years. Diabetic education is important to us and we offer free diabetic teaching classes regularly. Check out our website voted best in Douglas County and click on our logo to read our mission statement and more about our commitment to our community.

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