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Plum Creek Medical the Only Health Care Facility of its Kind

published on 08-17-2011

Plum Creek Medical; Family Practice/ Urgent Care the only Health Care Facility of its kind!

With Physicians Board Certified in FAMILY PRACTICE, EMERGENCY MEDICINE, INTERNAL MEDICINE and PEDIATRICS Plum Creek Medical (PCM) is able to offer comprehensive care and expertise not found in any other Family Practice or Urgent Care Facility.
Rated Best Urgent Care, Best Pediatrician and Best Women’s Health Care in Douglas County for five years running PCM is here to treat your entire family.  Many of our patients will even schedule their entire family’s annual physicals on the same day!  Our Providers have advanced training and certifications in Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Adolescent Mental Health and Women’s Health often saving you a trip to your specialist to treat complications that most Family Practice Physician’s do not have the capabilities to treat.  Another advantage is our Providers can consult with nine different specialty groups on site. So should the need for a Cardiologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Allergist or other specialists arise our Providers can often confer with them immediately and directly. 

PCM has precluded the necessity for ER visits for years. The difference between PCM and your average Urgent Care is the complexity we are able to treat.  Some of the benefits of having Family Practice and Urgent Care together under the same roof: At times a patient who does not seem seriously ill may become serious and require cardiac monitoring, IV fluids and medication, X-rays, and fairly complicated lab tests all of which can be done in house.  The fact that we can do this at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit was one of the reasons Dr. England could see this was part of the future of medicine.  PCM can take care of moderate to severe injuries and illness, complex lacerations, stabilize fractures, and perform casting.  Our facility also offers a wide range of diagnostic tools such as a stress treadmill, a Dexa Scan for osteoporosis, IMT Carotid Artery Scan, Echocardiograms, and quick lab tests for complete blood work including kidney, liver, blood sugar, electrolytes, CBC, tests for mononucleosis, strep, test for ulcers, influenza and urine infection. Another distinct advantage of having Family Practice with urgent care is continuity of being able to treat our patients by having their records on site while adding a personal touch not found in any other urgent care facilities. 

What patients sometimes don’t realize is that a trip to the ER will on average be TEN TIMES (10 x) more costly than an Urgent Care visit plus your wait to see a doctor can be hours longer!  In most cases PCM can treat you at a greatly reduced rate with caring and compassionate Providers that you can follow up with.  We are truly a state of the art, one of a kind facility.  Our reputation has sustained us and our desire to be the best guarantees you will always receive the highest quality of healthcare.

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