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Tips for Spring from Mike Schneider P.A-C.

published on 02-21-2007

columbine_400As the winter freeze begins to thaw and everyone gets excited for the warmer sunny spring weather just a simple reminder that with this comes blooming flowers, growing grass, weeds and dreaded allergies. So don't wait until you're overwhelmed with a runny nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and feelings of fatigue. Come in early to renew or update your allergy and asthma medications. Be proactive and be able to enjoy the warm sunny fresh spring air.

Also, while you are out biking, hiking, fishing, camping, playing sports or any other outdoor activity you may unfortunately get injured. Don't forget our speedy full service URGENT CARE with X-rays and labs on site able to treat lacerations, fractures, sprains, strains, dehydration etc...If you think you have fractured a bone don’t hesitate come see a physician who can determine the extent of the damage. So what does the doctor do? To treat the broken bone, the doctor needs to know which kind of fracture it is. That's where X-rays come in handy. X-rays give the doctor a map of the fracture so that he or she can set the bones back in their normal position. Our in-house x-ray is staffed with a registered technologist assuring accurate x-rays with the least amount of radiation exposure. Patients will encounter minimal wait time and a fraction of the cost compared to an Emergency Room visit.

How can you be sure you don't break any more bones? Accidents happen, but you often can prevent injuries by wearing safety helmets, pads, and the right protective gear for your activity or sport. It's also a good idea to do what you can to build strong bones. How do you do that? Get a lot of physical activity; activities that include jumping and running are essential. Feed your bones the calcium and vitamin D they need to stay strong. That means getting your share of milk and other calcium-rich foods and drinks, such as broccoli and calcium-fortified orange juice. Women are at a particular high risk for osteoporosis. To catch this disease early on to prevent long term damage we recommend women get a DEXA (osteoporosis) bone scan. This state of the art machine is essential for detecting and treating osteoporosis, also conveniently located on-site at PCM.

With Your Health In Mind,
Mike Schneider P.A.-C.

** Plum Creek Medical wants to welcome Darla Draper M.D. to our clinic. We are excited to have her join us. She is a great addition to our community. Read about her under our doctors.

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